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Events for the week of April 26, 2020

04/27Soup Cans, Cords, & Core Swim PracticeYouTube LIVE
6:30am PST (Mike)

04/28Technique Tuesday ZOOM Meeting - BACKSTROKE6:30am PST (Mike)
Email Coach Mike for access details

04/28Social Distancing OWS Practice6:00-7:30pm
Email Coach Mike for details

04/29Soup Can Swimming Practice - LIVE ONLINE6:30am PST (Mike)
Scroll down to find live link.

04/30Social Distancing OWS Practice6:15am
Email Coach Mike for details & RSVP

05/01Soup Cans, Cords, & Core Swim Practice6:30am PST (Mike)

05/01Nova Masters Yearly Members Meeting on ZOOM7:30am (Mike)
Must be a yearly member to attend.
Yearly members check your email for link

05/01Nova Masters Update Meeting on ZOOM12:00pm (Mike)
Join us for an update on the program for May.